Our Mission.

The People's Foundation of Sierra Leone seeks to put an end to sexual abuse and low levels of education by empowering youth to recognize themselves as valuable, unique people who can make a difference in the world.

Who We Are.

TPFSL is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that was formed in 2009, with the hopes of empowering and educating young people in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and helping them achieve their dreams and change the future of their country through University Scholarships.
We provide mentoring and counseling services to the youth in Kabala, services that are mainly focused around dealing with the issues of teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and sexual abuse, which are huge problems that many of these teens encounter every day, yet in the past, have never been able to talk about or receive advice about. [Read more...]

What we do.

We provide needy students displaying exceptional leadership qualities, performance, and passion to serve their nation by giving them University Scholarships so they can attend school in Sierra Leone [Readmore]

We provide mentoring and counselling services to youth in Kabala, Sierra Leone [Read more...]

On behalf of the People's Foundation of Sierra Leone, we want to thank you for your support through volunteer work and donations.
Keep visiting this website for update and progress reports.

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