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About Us

Our Journey


Started in 2009 by our executive director Christina Bucholtz along with a colleague, Katie Cruickshank, the idea for our organization began as a dream to send youth to university.  Today, we have grown as an organization that supports an average of 20 students to pursue post-secondary education annually. Over the years, we have also bloomed into an effective, community-based organization that is governed by a non-profit Board and that trains and empowers Sierra Leoneans through various empowerment programs that have impacted over a thousand youth.

Our purpose remains clear: To promote equality and social change.

We do this through education and community leadership, because we believe in the "power of one" to use the empowerment of education and effective leadership, to start a positive movement for change.

We are now a registered charity in Canada, and a registered community based organization in Sierra Leone. All our Board members are Canadian citizens with Sierra Leonean or West African lineage, familial connection or choice.  


Sierra Leone and Canada also have a unique shared history related to the Black Loyalist migration back to Freetown from Nova Scotia, which continues to be recognized bi-laterally today.

We believe:

  • All people are equal and everyone is unique

  • All people thrive in experiences of love and hope

  • All people, no matter our starting point, have potential for further growth

  • All people have something to give (mutuality)

Our Mission

Igniting community leadership and social change through education and empowerment.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A vibrant Sierra Leone where community leaders inspire and create sustainable social change.

Creating a positive future starts with a simple step!

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